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Stuff for HTK....

We've gotten HTK to work for non-speech data on the Linux machines. These scripts have been tested on Redhat Linux. This current configuration is designed to take data from the "findlaser" program (which uses "captain crunch"). These files can be found on /net/hm41/projects/htk_scripts. Below are the two directories:

Getting started

First, copy utils and clean to the directory that you are going to be working in. Then you can setup your files to run how you want. The script setupdata in clean/ will assume that the utils directory is in a parellel directory. You will need to edit the following files: The script randomizes which data sets end up in the training set and which in the testing set. I recommend running the tests multiple times to compare the performace.

Running the scripts

  1. "copy -r clean" to your test directory and change to that directory
  2. running "script" will keep a log of everything that passes by
  3. run "setupdata" - it will take a while and print a lot of stuff to the screen really fast, thats why we ran script
  4. when setupdata is done, type "exit" - this will end the scripting
  5. the output from all of the training and testing will be in the file "typescript"



This stuff is an amalgam of resources from various places

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