Hacking the Glasstron for Augmented Reality

(Converting The Sony Glasstron PLM-S700 into a Monocle Display)

The Sony Glasstron PLM-S700 is a dual color 800x600 head mount display. One of it's major selling points is that this head up display has an adjustable amount of occlusion (amount of light that reaches the eye from the display versus the environment). No matter how we adjusted the Glasstron, we could not see the environment sufficiently for indoor wearable use.

In the past, we have used monocle (one-eyed) displays to create the overlay effect desired for augmented reality. Here are instructions that may be used to successfully hack your Sony Glasstron into a monocle display more useful for augmented reality and other around-the-lab experiments. Without further modification, we find that the Sony Glasstron is still too power consumptive for everyday use (~2hrs / 1 NP-F950). However, the Glasstron does feature a proximity sensor on the head-band that controls display and backlight power. Even though the display powers down, the VGA converter, user controls, and base unit cooling fan remain powered up.