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CCG web page HOWTO

The CCG web pages are created using WML. Every .html page has a corresponding .wml file with the same basename. All changes should be made to the .wml file since the html file will be automagically regenerated.

Quick Instructions

In order to make or modify a web page under the current system you must do the following:
  1. put '/usr/local/public/bin' on your path
  2. log in to a sun (felix, tokyo) machine on the CoC inland network
  3. cd to /net/www/gvu/ccg/
  4. create or edit the .wml file of the page
  5. run 'wmk' at the command line in the same directory

The .wml file

To start a new page, the most basic file you need to create looks something like this:
# this is a comment: make sure we include 
# the template which defines the navigation and headers for the 
# standard ccg page TEMPLATE is defined in .wmlrc in the root
# directory of the ccg website
#include '$(TEMPLATE)'

# this is the name which will appear after 
# Contextual Computing Group: "web page name"
<name "web page name">

#after this you can add whatever you'd like for the main body here

stuff goes here

#end of file yay!

After you're done, save the file and run 'wmk' in the directory to generate the html file. If you have updated something that is globally included or more than a few files, you can run 'wmk -a' to run wmk recursively.

Notes & Caveat

To refer to the ccg home directory (i.e. in a filesystem and website hierarchy independent manner use the $(ROOT) variable. For example href="$(ROOT)/some-page.html".

Keep in mind that certain notations have special meanings in WML; it may interpret certain text in the .wml file as markup (e.g. $(...), m4_..., {#...#}, #). In order to keep these from being interpreted you need to surround them with a <protect></protect> tag pair. If you notice that some of your changes aren't showing up in your generated html file, check to see if this is the problem. Further documentation can be found on the WML website.

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